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Yoni Massage

Published: November 23rd, 2018

Giving a Yoni Massage. .
Yoni massage in done in a comfortable and safe space. The room should be warm enough to be comfortable naked, and the area should be free from distractions and interruptions. Play soft relaxing music, if desired, but the music should not distract focus from each other. Both partners should focus on each other and make eye contact. The woman should recline in a comfortable position, propped up on pillows so that she can see both her vagina and her partner. Before beginning, both partners should start with simple breathing exercises to relax and focus the breath. The giver should start the massage by first massaging other areas of the woman’s body, giving her time to relax. Initiate all touch with gentle, sexual intent.

After the Massage.
A yoni massage could last a few minutes or a few hours. At the end, both partners may feel a range of emotional and physical sensations and need time to decompress from the experience. The giver should end the massage slowly and gently, allowing the partner to relax and enjoy the after effects of the massage. Its all about finding the calm in the chaos

Yoni hindu word for vagina. references to this word are found in Kamasutra.

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