Sensual Tantric Massage in Hendon North West London

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Sacred Sexuality

Published: December 3rd, 2018

Tantra: Everybody wants to be happy or at least to be able to see life’s options with clarity. And we know deep inside that what we are not aware of dominates us and drives us without our control. The question is how to become conscious when there are things we are afraid of or things we were never educated about? The challenges of relationships, eroticism and intimacy, and the purpose beyond all these, needs our undivided attention and often experienced guidance from someone who has already been able to penetrate the wilderness of urban life.

By untangling our love life, romance and sexual power, we in fact unveil the mysteries of our innermost nature, which have remained hidden from us. By consciously embracing the taboo and limitations of our life, we simultaneously take the first steps on the path of recognizing the secret life within us and around us.

Dehumanizing routines will then turn into cycles of ecstatic experiences, and mechanical sex will be transformed into intimate bliss and life itself.

Emma x