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Not at all Tantric massage is an erotic massage.

Published: December 23rd, 2018

Hi Guys and a Merry Christmas to you, what you need is a Tantric Massage to pummel those stresses away during the Christmas festivities.

On the whole, eroticism does not imply sex. Sure, sex can be erotic, but it often simply isn’t. On the other hand, plenty of erotic things can exist with no necessity of sex. For example, high end strippers are precisely the ones who don’t do double time as prostitutes, and their acts can often be erotic. It’s not just them taking off their clothes. Similarly, a tantric massage (or any other actually erotic massage, as in not being code for “tug-n-rub”) is designed with eroticism in mind, not in resulting in sex. It can be a great conclusion to a tantric massage, but it’s not somehow incomplete if it doesn’t go there.

Tantric Massage” is a loose term that can mean almost anything from one place to the next. In general, it does not always involve intercourse, and in general it does involve sexual stimulation, but these are still simply generalities, and if you are looking for something specific (or afraid of something specific) you should get clear and specific about what you want.

Beyond this common but uninformed usage, tantric massage and tantric healing is actually the application of tantric principles of consciousness, presence, mindfulness, breath, and touch. It does not imply or necessitate sexual touch or arousal at all; although that is a powerful tool and because most people look to tantra to address sexual dysfunction, trauma, or related relationship trauma, it does turn out that sexual energy if not sexual touch is most often a part of tantric healing.

Massage is not just a luxury but a way to a healthier happier life

Emma always a pleasure to give you pleasure xx

Happy Christmas xx